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Board & Train with Ohio Pet Resort

Get More Value When Boarding Your Dog

The need to board your dog can vary greatly. Sometimes it’s planned and other times it comes unexpectedly. An often-overlooked option when people seek a kennel to board their canine companion in a hurry is enrolling their dog in a board and train program where their dog is trained while kenneled at the facility.

Whether you’re planning a vacation, been called out of town unexpectedly, or simply just don’t have the time to devote to training your dog, a boarding and training program is ideal for you. At Ohio Pet Resort, our Northeast Ohio dog board and train facility is here for all of those situations, even on short notice!

Our Board & Train Program

Many owners initially worry over the thought of leaving their dog for an extended period of time.

For that, we always just like to stress how much fun their dog will have at Ohio Pet Resort in addition to all of the benefits our program offers including:

  • Professional Handlers & Trainers
  • 24/7 Supervision
  • Follow-up Training Provided
  • Guaranteed Results!

New Tricks & Commands

Is your dog having trouble following commands? We can help! From the basics of Come, Sit, Stay to more advanced commands and tricks.


Dogs might display problems with socializing with humans or other dogs. Let us help! Our program offers the flexibility of socializing with other dogs and in family settings!

Getting Out & About

Another benefit of our program is getting your dog out to adjust them to your normal routines. From trips to the store or the park, your dog will learn to behave in public settings.

Boarding & Training F.A.Q.

Board & Train Pricing Plans

1 Week

Programs less than 4 weeks are designed based on your dog and goals.

2 Weeks

Programs less than 4 weeks are designed based on your dog and goals.

3 Weeks

Programs less than 4 weeks are designed based on your dog and goals.

4 Weeks

This is our standard board & train program.

*Dogs 6 months and younger get 5 weeks for the 1 month program. This helps with the proper results for the level of maturity of the dog!

Aggressive Dog? No Problem!

We accept dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds at our Akron dog kenneling and training resort, including those with behavioral problems such as:

  • Dog Aggression
  • Handler Aggression
  • People Aggression
  • Food Aggression

You name it, we can train it!

Aggressive Dog & Other Behavioral Modification

Current Pricing: $2800

This is a 5 week program and is not just a one month and done option, but yet a solid foundation for a clear path to your dog’s success.