Protection Dogs

Ohio Pet Resort Protection Dogs

Guard & Protection Dogs for Your Home

Whole Home & Family Protection

For generations, dogs have been used to patrol the home, as threat deterrents to our property, and loyal guardians to our families. We believe that all canines are different and we strive to put our dogs in the programs that they will have the most success in. The Protection Dogs we have for sale are carefully selected and tested to ensure favorable health, temperament, and drive before arriving at our facility.

They’re Not Just Working Dogs

Protection dogs are thoroughly trained guard dogs who protect their family against perceived threats at all costs. In comparison to the training of detection & patrol dogs, protection dogs guard and stay with their family rather than chasing after perceived threats. This is why some dogs are better suited for protecting families and their homes over others and we make sure that they are trained accordingly.

Find Your Companion Today

Whether you have a family of 2 or a family of 12, a Family Protection Dog from Ohio Pet Resort is trained for all types of settings. Contact us to inquire about currently available guard and protection dogs for sale, or to see about getting your current dog evaluated to see if they would be a good fit for our training program.

Currently Available Family Protection Dogs