Board & Train with Ohio Pet Resort

give your dog the training it deserves

get the most that professional dog training has to offer

End Your Frustration!
Tired of feeling like you're wasting your time trying to train your dog? Maybe those weekly classes aren't sticking like you'd hope, and that's ok. We're here to help with guaranteed results!
Board & Train = Dog Vacation
Don't be anxious! This is your dog's idea of a vacation. They get to learn, smell, and play with new things while meeting new friends. Best of all they get to come home and show off all of their new skills!

Get the training your dog deserves

Start Your Dog's Boarding & Training for as low as

$65 / day
Get the largest discount on our board & train program by booking the 4 week course today! Click the button below to get started scheduling your dog's training online!
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